Methodist Episcopal
Church Directory

Hallettsville, County Line, & Mossy Grove

Deborah Smith contributed the following from an 1896 church directory that belonged to her grandmother, Rophila Elizabeth English Wade.

Church Directory of the Halletsville Charge, M. E. Church South
Cuero District, West Texas Conference

Re. B. F. McManama, Pastor

Nov 2, 1896
New Era Printing House
Halletsvile, Texas

Hallettsville Membership

Arnim, Mrs. C. W.
Adams, Mr. W. G.
Avant, Nathan
Avant, Mrs. N.
Avant, Theo.
Avant, Mrs. Theo.
Anderson, A. B.
Anderson, Mrs. A. B.
Anderson, Mamie
Anderson, Seth
Atkinson, Mallie
Atkinson, Eva
Anderson, J. N.
Anderson, Robt.
Anderson, Mac
Anderson, Lula

Barnes, W. J.
Barnes, Mrs. W. J.
Ballard, Mrs. Lela V.
Brown, Mrs. R. M.
Brown, P. M.
Barnes, Miss Willie
Barnes, Myrtle
Barnes, Walter
Barnes, Hugh
Barnett, Mrs. Anna
Barrett, Nannie
Bull, John Sr.
Bull, John Jr.
Brown, Mabel
Breeden, D. R.
Breeden, Mrs. D. R.
Burns, Mrs. R. L.
Black, Miss Lizzie
Bourland, Felix
Bourland, Mrs. F.

Cummins, J. M. Jr.
Cummings, Mrs. D.
Clark, Wm.
Clark, Lillie
Clayton, Kitty
Cummings, Katie
Chapman, L. F.
Chapman, Mrs. L. F.

Dickey, Mrs. Appie
Dickey, Mrs. Sue
Dickey, Miss Etta
Daily, J. P.
Daily, Mrs. J. P.
Daily, Nathan
Davis, V. R.
Davis, Mrs. V. R.

Easterling, J. T.
Easterling, Mrs. J. T.
Easterling, Floyd
Easterling, Claud
Easterling, Earnest
Estes, Mrs. Kate

Farley, Mrs. L. C.
Farley, Mr. F. S.
French, Henry

Holland, Mrs. Cleo.
Hester. T. A.
Hester, Mrs. T. A.
Hester, W. P.
Heath, Etta
Hale, Mrs. E.
Hale, Leonidas
Hale, Lester
Hinch, Mrs. E.
Hinch, Albert
Hinch, Maggie

Jones, Jane
Jones, Laura
Jones, Mrs. May

King, Hardy
King, Mrs. Hardy
Kemp, Mrs. S. S.

Lewis, Mrs. E. J.
Landry, Bert
Landry, Willie

Moore, A. V.
Moore, Mrs. A. V.
More, Miss Carrie
Moore, A. V. Jr.
Mallick, Wm.
Mallick, Mrs. Wm.
Mohrmann, L. F.
Mohrmann, Mrs. L. F.
Morgan, J. W.
Morgan, Mrs. J. W.
Mitchell, J. W.
Mitchell, Mrs. J. W.
Middlebrooks, Mrs. J. B.
Morgan, Daisy
Moore, J. A.
McNair, Mrs. Bertha

Nichols, Mrs. Angie
Neeld, A. L.
Neeld, Mrs. A. L.
Neeld, Rosa
Norwood, Arcola
Neeld, Ruth
Norman, J. A.
Norman, Mrs. J. A.
Neely, Mrs. Ellen
Nelson, Mrs. George

Peterson, Wm.
Peterson, Mrs. Wm.
Peterson, Lula
Peterson, Miss Fannie

Rogers, Miss Irine
Rees, J. W.
Rees, Mrs. J. W.
Rees, Stafford
Rowell, Isabel

Smother, Emmett
Smothers, Mrs. E.
Smothers, Miss Dora
Smothers, Miss Jennie
Searcy, Miss Emma
Searcy, Bennett
Secrest, Miss Flora
Speakerman, Miss Kate

Turk, W. H.
Turk, Miss Daisy
Turk, Willie
Townsend, S. J.
Townsend, Mrs. S. J.
Townsend, Gus
Townsend, Fred
Townsend, Jennie
Townsend, J. R.
Townsend, Mrs. J. R.
Townsend, Miss Irine
Townsend, Willie
Traxler, Mrs. V.
Traxler, Walter
Traxler, Walker
Traxler, Miss Cora
Traxler, Griffith
Traxler, Oscar
Tarkington, S. G.
Tarkington, Wilson
Tarkington, Mrs. W.
Tarkingtn, E. L.
Tarkington, Mrs. E. L.
Tim, Ed
Tim Mrs. Ed
Tim, Mrs. Ada
Tim, Chas.
Tim, August
Tim, Mrs. A.

Woodward, Mrs. Julia
Wharton, Miss Mary
Wharton, Miss Rilla
Williams, Miss Georgia
Woodward, Miss Jennie

Youngkin, Mrs. H. C.

Zumwalt, R. D.
Zumwalt, Mrs. R. D.
Zumwalt, Miss Luella
Zumwalt, Floyd
Zumwalt, Sam
Zumwalt, Ed
County Line Membership

Allen, Martha
Allen, C. A.
Allen, G. A.
Allen, Nellie
Allen, W. M.
Allen, T. J.
Allen, Elvina

Eason, J. T.
Eason, Ollie G.
Eason, W. T.
Eason, Henry
Eason, Comilla
Eason, J. R.
Eason, Susie
Eason, May
Eason, Lillie
Eason, Harvey
Eason, Floyd
Eason, Lula
English, Sarah E.

Grobe, A. J.
Grobe, Eliza E.
Grobe, Eva

Houchins, Sarah E.

Kersch, Lenora

Little, J. M.
Little, Mary J.
Little, Robert
Little, Susie
Little, Lula
Little, Oscar
Little, H. M.
Little, Everett
Little, Alma
Little, Georgia

Myers, H. B.
Myers, C. P.
Myers, John H.
Myers, C. B.

Poweleck, Robert
Payne, Jostha

Washington, Addie
Wadsworth, J. M.
Wadsworth, Julia A.
Wadswroth, Kate
Wadsworth, J. A.
Wadsworth, T. D.
Wadsworth, Lizzie
Wadsworth, Ellen
Wilson, J. R.
Wilson, A. E.
Wilson, W. H.
Wilson, May
Wilson, M. J. A.
Wilson, David
Weller, J. C.
Wade, Raphila
Mossy Grove Membership

Autry, Agnes
Autry, Lavina
Autry, Mary
Autry, Clay
Autry, Walter
Autry, May
Anderson, Abbie
Anderson, Celia
Adams, Ida

Barber, Alvin
Barber, Mollie
Barber, Rufus
Barber, Lula
Bishop, Margaret
Bishop, Etta
Baucom, John
Brown, Maggie

Castellaw, A. J.
Castellaw, Almeda
Castellaw, Cornelia
Castellaw, Laura
Castellaw, Elois
Chapman, F. R.
Chapman, Julia
Clark, S. A.
Clark, Catherine
Clark, Marvin
Cordell, Alice
Crumbley, Lee A.

Dudley, Adrian
Dudley, Amy
Dudley, Leona

Evans, Mrs. Dr.
Farrington, H. L.

Gotthardt, Lizzie
Garner, Alice
Grims, W. T.
Grims, Kitty
Gregory, Sam
Gregory, Viola
Grace, Mary

Henry, Callie

Ives, Sallie
Ives, Minnie

Johnson, Mark R.
Johnson, W. T.
Johnson, Louisa
Johnson, Maggie
Johnson, Lillie

Livergood, Sarah
Livergood, Rees
Leggett, T. J.
Leggett, Lillie
Leggett, Ida
Leggestt, Della
Leggett, Martha
Leggett, Nelia
Leggett, Ora
Long, Sallie
Long, Gazzie

Morgan, Mary J.
Morgan, Mary Louetta
Morgan, Aurelia
Morgan, Ed D.
Morgan, Annie
MElroy, Chas.
McElroy, Albert
Nolen, Irene
Nolen, Mary J.
Nolen, Walter
Nolen, Fannie
Nolen, Ada
Nolen, Lillie
Nolen, Kizziah
Nolen, D. A.
Nolena, Henrietta
Nolen, Beulah
Nance, George

O'Neal, Georgia
O'Neal, Mark
O'Neal, Jas.
O'Nea, Lillie

Patterson, Tennessee
Patterson, W. C.
Price, Martha J.
Pearce, Henry
Pearce, Mary E.
Pearce, Annie
Pearce, Add
Pearce, Sam

Reagan, Caroline
Rhode, M. W.
Rhode, Ann
Rhode, Lula
Rhode, Maude
Rhode, Henry

Stockton, Re. T. J.
Stockton, Lucy
Stockton, D. A.
Stockton, Maggie
Stockton, Mamie
Stockton, Willie J.
Stockton, Claude
Smothers, Kate D.
Smothers, Beulah
Smothers, Ella
Shaw, Edith
Strode, Ella

Thompson, W. W.
Tarkington, Harmon
Tolleson, Willie
Tolleson, Louetta
Tolleson, Minerva

Williams, John
Williams, Kate
Williams, Mary C.
Williams, Margaret Lillie
Williams, Carrie E.
Williams, David
Wilson, T. J.
Woodward, Tallie
Woodward, Bennie
Woodward, Della

Service Directory

Services at Hallettsville 2nd and 4th Sabbath in each month at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Sabbath School 9:30 a.m. Epworth League services 3 p.m. Business meeting of League first Tuesday night in each month. Prayer meeting every Thursday night. A welcome to all.

Services at County Line 1st Sabbath in each month at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Sabbath School 9:30 a.m. Epworth League service 3 p.m. Business meeting of League first Friday night in each month.

Services at Mossy Grove 3rd Sabbath in each month at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. Sabbath School 9:30 a.m.

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