Johnson Cemetery


This is a small, black cemetery on the Johnson family land. It was bought by Peter Johnson right after the slaves were freed in 1865 and is still in the family today. There are only two markers in the cemetery, but all eleven graves are for Johnson family members. It is unfenced on a creek bank and has washed a lot over the years. The oldest marker, and the first grave put in the cemetery, was for Peter Johnson, who was murdered 1 August 1883. To get to the cemetery, go east from Hallettsville to FM 2314, turn left and go .7 miles. There is a wagon wheel gate on the right turning into the house where Lillian Dees, Peter Johnson's granddaughter, lives. The cemetery is toward the back side of the place on the creek.

This annotated list of burials in the Johnson Cemetery was contributed by Regena Williamson.

Dees, Clifton November 17, 1923 May 2, 1924 parents Raphus Dees and Myrtle McAfee
Dees, Ollie November 12, 1939 November 13, 1939 parents Horatio Dees and Mildred Aycock
Johnson, Julia March 9, 1872 March 7, 1903
Johnson, Lafayette March 26, 1873 August 16, 1951 wife Julia
Johnson, Peter August 1, 1883 Murdered, no marker information from Lillian Dees
Johnson, Peter Jr. February 10, 1874 January 12, 1963 parents Peter Johnson Sr. and Susan Cunningham
Johnson, Susan May 22, 1857 April 1, 1925 father Jery Cunningham
Johnson, Randall June 28, 1872 August 28, 1932 parents Pete Johnson and Susan Cunningham
Johnson, Wesley March 26, 1915 Murdered, no marker information from Lillian Dees
Infants (5) From the Dees, Johnson and McAfee Families.  Assumption is that two of them are Clifton and Ollie Dees