Old Jewish Cemetery


The following was taken from Jewish Cemeteries, La Grange, Columbus, Hallettsville, copyrighted 1999, with the permission of the author, Norman C. Krischke.

The Old Jewish Cemetery in Hallettsville was, according to tombstone inscriptions, established in 1873 upon burial of Lena August. The cemetery is located on South Dowling Avenue between Church and Crawford Streets. It is situated between the Eason Building and the Church of God encampment building. It is enclosed with a 40'6" X 41' chain-link fence with 15 Hackberry trees on the fence line. At one time the cemetery was enclosed with a cast-iron fence; a part of which, 8 feet, remains in the northwest corner. There are several unmarked graves in this cemetery.

Photos courtesy of Norma Casey.

See photos of individual markers at the Old Jewish Cemetery at the Texas Tombston Project.

Marked Graves

August, Lena
25 Aug 1864
25 May 1873
Aged 8 yrs, 9 mos.
August, Judith Henrietta
31 Oct 1838
29 Nov 1877
G., R.
Small footstone used as a headstone
Green, Rosalie
10 Feb 1848
14 Apr 1886
Born in Erlenbach, Bavaria, died in Hallettsville, Tex.
Joseph, Marie
5 Jul 1887
Kahn, Arthur Joseph
8 Spr 1887
20 Aug 1888
Kauffman, Seligman
11 Nov 1823
20 Jul 1883
Born in Galveston, Tex., died in Hallettsville, Tex.
Rice, Abraham
7 Dec 1887
9 Feb 1888
Aged 2 mos, 2 days, son of L. & C. Rice
S., S.
Footstone. Hebrew inscription.
Samusch, Janette
8 Sep 1872
4 Oct 1883
Schwartz, _____
27 Oct 1868
24 Aug 1876
"May her soul rest in peace"; stone broken, part with first name not found
Schwartz, Fanny
2 Jul 1884
Wife of B. Schwartz. Born in Ernebach, Wurtemburg, Germany, died in Hallettsville, Tex. at age 43 years
Schwartz, Isaac
16 Aug 1836
20 Dec 1885
Born in Busenburg, died in Schulenburg, Tex. in his 49th year
Schwartz, Lehman
Schwartz, Sarah
Wife of Moses Schwartz

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