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Carl Friedrich (or Charles) Pagel and his wife Johanna are buried in the Charles Pagel Family Cemetery on what was their estate in Lavaca County. Also buried at this cemetery are their daughters Johanna Pagel, Johanna Dorthea Pagel, Maria Kessler, and Hilda Menking, Christine Roeber, Elizabeth Haeusler (Heisler) and their husbands, as well as the Pagels' sons Henry and Charles Godfrey Pagel and their wives. Johanna's mother and father Johanna and Heinrich Kuehne, their son-in-law Rudolph Henkel, and several grandchildren were also laid to rest there.

The small, fenced cemetery is northwest of Hallettsville in a pasture owned by the Menking family. The first burial was probably for their infant, Johanna, who died March 17, 1874. The earliest marked grave is for Paul Ebel, who died in 1883. Several of the markers contain German inscriptions. This cemetery is sometimes incorrectly identified on county maps as the Pagel Settlement Cemetery which is southeast of Hallettsville.

Notations below were made by Rox Ann Johnson, historian for the Pagel Family Reunion. For more information see The Pagel Family in Texas web site.

Known Burials

Name Birth Death Notes
Berkenhoff, Heinr. 26 Oct 1890 11 Dec 1890 Infant son of Friederich and Louisa Woltersdorf Berkenhoff (See note 1 below)
Ebel, Paul 10 Mar 1849 10 May 1883 Full name was Friedrich Andreas Paul Ebel; immigrated with wife and children from Germany in 1878; first husband of Ubina Janssen who married Frank Sturm in 1884; died of tuberculosis (See note 2 below)
Haeusler, Charles 23 Oct 1883 5 Jul 1917 Son of James & Elizabeth Pagel Haeusler
Haeusler, Elizabeth Johanna 11 Sep 1865 17 Jun 1941 Daughter of Carl & Johanna Kuehne Pagel; Married James Earl T. Haeusler 4 Dec 1882
Haeusler, James 4 Oct 1861 25 May 1918 Woodman of the World marker; married Elizabeth Johann Pagel 4 Dec 1882
Haeusler, Johanna 15 Jun 1897 7 Oct 1898 Young daughter of James & Elizabeth Pagel Haeusler; twin to Lydia
Haeusler, Lydia 15 Jun 1897 3 Apr 1989 Daughter of James & Elizabeth Pagel Haeusler; twin to Johanna
Haeusler, Rosa 9 Jan 1887 2 Oct 1905 Young daughter of of James & Elizabeth Pagel Haeusler
Henkel, Rudolph 1847 8 Jul 1880 Dates are not on marker: first husband of Fredericka Pagel Henkel Afflerbach; married 26 May 1879; killed by a runaway wagon
Kessler, Arthur W. 13 Apr 1895 23 Dec 1913 Son of William Ferdinand & Maria S. Pagel Kessler
Kessler, Maria (Mary) 22 Dec 1866 28 Jun 1896 Daughter of Carl and Johanna Kuehne Pagel; first wife of William Ferdinand Kessler, married 19 Nov 1891
Klaus, August 21 Jul 1852 30 Jul 1921 Married Louise von Bieberstein 15 Dec 1875 at Round Top (recorded in Washington County)(See note 3 below)
Klaus, Auguste 9 Oct 1876 5 Feb 1893 Daughter of August & Louise Klaus
Klaus, Louise 30 Oct 1853 20 Sep 1892 Daughter of August and Sophie von Bieberstein; wife of August Klaus
Kuehne, Heinrich 27 Jun 1809 8 Aug 1896 Father of Johanna Kuehne Pagel; married Johanna Elizabeth Krause 3 Apr 1836
Menking, Edmund Louis 24 Feb 1878 27 May 1927 Married Johanna "Hilda" Pagel 3 Jan 1901
Menking, Mrs. Ed. L. 13 May 1882 15 Oct 1908 Given name was Johanna "Hilda"; daughter of Carl & Johanna Kuehne Pagel; married Edmund Louis Menking 3 Jan 901
Menking, Johanna Lydia 14 Aug 1903 7 Feb 1918 Daughter of Edmund & Hilda Pagel Menking
Pagel, Annie 1 Oct 1871 6 Jun 1937 Nee Brocker; married Charles Godfrey (Gus) Pagel 14 Nov 1894; sister of Ida Pagel
Pagel, Carl F. 3 May 1836 14 Dec 1903 Born in Kortenhagen, Pommern to Gottfried & Friedricke Dickow Pagel; immigrated in 1850; married Johanna F. Kuehne 8 Aug 1861
Pagel, Charles Godfrey (Gus) 18 Apr 1869 20 Jan 1940 Son of Carl and Johanna Kuehne Pagel; married Annie Brocker 14 Nov 1894
Pagel, Henry 20 May 1876 10 Oct 1934 Son of Carl & Johanna Kuehne Pagel; married Ida Brocker 8 Jun 1898
Pagel, Ida 29 Nov 1878 10 Jan 1962 Nee Brocker; married Henry Pagel 8 Jun 1898; sister of Annie Pagel
Pagel, Johanna 31 Oct 1843 9 Jul 1925 Daughter of Heinrich and Johanna Elizabeth Krause Kuehne; married Carl Friedrich (Charles) Pagel 8 Aug 1861
Pagel, Johanna 6 Feb 1874 17 Mar 1874 Unmarked grave; infant daughter of Carl & Johanna Kuehne Pagel
Pagel, Johanna D. 6 Feb 1878 8 May 1908 Given name was Johanna Dorothea, but known as Annie; daughter of Carl & Johanna Kuehne Pagel
Roeber, Angeline 8 Dec 1896 18 Apr 1897 On same marker as Elsie, only birth and death years are given; infant daughter of Charles & Christine Pagel Roeber
Roeber, Chas. F. 28 Dec 1870 17 May 1953 Married Johanna Christine Pagel 28 Nov 1894
Roeber, Elsie 3 Oct 1895 27 Nov 1898 On same marker as Angeline, only birth and death years are given; young daughter of Charles & Christine Pagel Roeber
Roeber, J. Christine 27 Feb 1868 13 Jan 1960 Given name was Johanna Christine, called Tina; daughter of Carl & Johanna Kuehne Pagel
Roeber, Oscar A. 14 Oct 1901 23 Oct 1934 Son of Charles & Christine Pagel Roeber; married Lucille Martha Brumbelow 25 May 1929


1. Information on Heinrich Berkenhhoff's parents comes from Berckenhoff family researcher, Matt Cross.

2. Information regarding Paul Ebel comes from his great-granddaughter, Irene Ebel Ertell, who also provided his photograph. Mrs. Ertell was told by her uncle that a man named Pagel met the newly immigrated Ebel family in Galveston, brought them to Hallettsville and helped them get settled. Apparently the Ebels needed a lot of help because they had never lived outside cities in Germany. After Paul Ebel's death and his wife's remarriage, the Sturms and the Ebel children moved to Gonzales County.

3. Information regarding the Klaus family comes from their descendant, Peggy Neill. It's very likely that another Klaus child who died in June 1891 is also buried in this cemetery. The Klaus family lived in the vicinity of the Pagels.

Home built by Charles Pagel in the early 1870s
located near the Pagel Family Cemetery

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