Vsetin Cemetery


This well kept cemetery in the Vsetin community has about 250 markers. The oldest remaining marker is for Jan Chudej, who died 24 September 1888. Vsetin is located on FM 2314. The cemetery is behind the community hall next to the church. The much smaller Vsetin EUCMB Church Cemetery is to the left of the church. The Vsetin Cemetery is 5.6 miles north of Hallettsville on FM 2314.

Text from the historical marker:

Vsetin Cemetery

About 1865, newly arrived Czechoslovakian immigrants settled in this vicinity, named Sublime by earlier Irish immigrants. The Czech settlers began calling the community "Vsetin" in remembrance of the area in Austria from which they came. After working as sharecroppers for several years, most earned enough money to purchase their own farms. The settlers soon established a Czech Moravian Bretheren Church congregation and constructed a school here. The favorable reports the settlers sent back to Austria inspired a group of their relatives to immigrate in 1880. The Vsetin Cemetery was founded ten years later. It originated as a private cemetery for the Mikush family, who had arrived with the second migration. The first burial, that of six-week-old Valentine, the infant son of Martin and Veronica (Stasny) Mikush, took place in 1890 when this property was part of a farm owned by Martin and Katerina Sralla. The graveyard later evolved into a community burial ground, and in 1927 the Vsetin Cemetery Association was established to maintain it. The Vsetin Cemetery continues to serve as a tangible reminder of the area's early permanent settlers. - 1992

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