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The old Antioch Baptist Church once stood next to this cemetery which lies on the east side of the Lavaca River where Brushy Creek comes into it. The land had been given to the church by Asa Harless. (Note this is not in the same area as the old Antioch Community which later became Karney.) From the clerk's book of the Antioch Baptist Church we know that the church's congregation was formed in 1866 and continued until at least 1895. A transcription of the clerk's book can be found elsewhere on this web site.

The property is owned today by the Salem Baptist Church. The Antioch Cemetery was inventoried on February 7, 2010 by Harry Foxell, Ty Zeller, W.O. Williamson and Regena Williamson. Only two stones were legible at that time. At one time there were many more markers, but Mr. Foxell explained that the area has been under water many times.

Note: This cemetery was not included in Sammy Tise's Lavaca County, Texas Cemetery Records.

Photographs contributed by Regena Williamson
Name Birth Death Notes
Copeland, Infant Unmarked; obituary in 22 Sep 1892 Hallettsville Herald stated the infant was buried on September 10th
Copeland, Morelda 15 Feb 1822 29 Nov 1892 Unmarked; obituary in 8 Dec 1892 Hallettsville Herald; born in Overton County, Tennessee, maiden name Bibery; wife of Esau Copeland; age 71 at death [birth date and maiden name from Ron Gordon, descendant]
Meeks, Nancy 3 Jul 1813 29 Jan 1873 Unmarked; information from 2 May 1952 Tribune Herald history article
Mitchell, John T. 12 Sep 1882 21 Sep 1882 "Son of E. L. & J. W. Mitchell", "Asleep in Jesus"; footstone: "J. T. M."
Tidwell, Lodemia 23 Nov 1880 "Wife of A. J. Tidwell", "Aged 59 Ys. 10 Ms.", "Peace to her ashes"

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