Cemeteries of Lavaca County

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Most of the following information comes from Sammy Tise's Lavaca County Texas Cemetery Records, Volumes 1-VI. Several people have volunteered to do lookups in his cemetery surveys for you. The books are also available for purchase.

Please contact Regena if you have done a cemetery survey or have more information or cemetery photos to share.

Ledbetter Cemetery

This small family cemetery has four markers, the oldest of which is for J. M. Ledbetter, who died 30 Jan 1873. The cemetery is located on the east bank of the Navidad River 4.3 miles south of Sublime on FM 3283.

List of burials from Sammy Tise's Lavaca County, Texas Cemetery Records:

Ledbetter, J. M., died 30 Jan 1873, 3 months, 32 days
Ledbetter, W. J., died 24 Nov 1873, 3 years, 3 months, 29 days
Ledbetter, Minnie, 23 Jun 1876 - 23 Jun 1876
Unknown, Patrick Henry, no dates

Lewandowski Cemetery

The Lewandowski Cemetery is the resting place of Otto Hillary Lewandowski (14 Jan 1914 - 12 Apr 1977). The cemetery is located on his family farm which is located about eight miles north of Hallettsville, west of Highway 77. There is only one grave. His wife, Willie Mae Christen Lewandowski, is buried in the Resthaven Cemetery at Trenton, Missouri.

See obituary for Otto Lewandowski.

Light's Chapel Cemetery

This cemetery has only four markers, with the earliest being for Rev. Dr. James Light on 21 May 1875. To get to the cemetery, go south out of Hallettsville on CR1 for approximately ten miles, turn right onto CR 456 and the cemetery is approximately .6 miles on the right.

Mascheck Family Cemetery

There are only about twenty markers in this small well kept family cemetery. The oldest marker is for Sophie Loetsch who died in 1882. According to Sammy Tise's directions: drive east from Hallettsville on 90-A, turn right on FM 530, turn left at the first road and look for a Mascheck mail box on the left. The cemetery is about 1/4 mile up the private drive and about 100 yards from the house.

Matula Cemetery

This cemetery has five markers and three unknown graves. The oldest marker is for Ondrej Matula who died 16 Aug 1898. To visit the cemetery go south on FM 530 to the first road to the right after you pass Vienna, go to the tee and turn left. Stay on this road until it bends to the right and there is a road that keeps going straight. Go straight here to a metal gate. Walk down the fence line on the right about one-half mile. The cemetery is on the left about 100 yards out in a pasture.

List of Burials:

Bartos, Frank, died 1901
Haidusek, Mrs. Julia, 13 Feb 1866 - 18 May 1914
Matula, Jos F. 27 Brz 1863 - 6 Dub 1921, son of Andre and Mary Matula according to death certificate
Matula, Ondrej, 1810 - 16 Srp 1898
Matula, Mary, 23 Jun 1866 - 6 Mar 1934, birth listed as 27 Mar 1863 and death as 5 Mar 1934 on death certificate, father's surname was Kaipita, mother's was Wick
Unknown, wooden cross - illegible
Unknown, broken concrete cross - illegible

Mayfield Cemetery

This cemetery is located in the J. Ryan survey south of Sheridan, Texas. The only marker is for Julia Mayfield. CLick on photo for larger view.

Mayfield, Julia November 14, 1840 January 13, 1880 Wife of James Mayfield, daughter of William Cissell



Mikeska Cemetery

See directions and a list of burials for the Mikeska Cemetery.

Miller Cemetery (1)

This cemetery is on the east side of FM 530 about 1.5 miles north of where the Navidad River crosses it. There are two Miller Cemeteries in the vicinity. This one is on the A. H. Honish place. There are five markers. The oldest is for Alexander Miller who died 24 October 1880.

List of burials from Sammy Tise's Lavaca County, Texas Cemetery Records:

Miller, A. G. 26 Sep 1866 - 16 Jan 1900, first name was Ambros, son of Henry and F. A. Miller
Miller, Alexander, 29 Oct 1869 - 24 Oct 1880, son of Henry and F. A. Miller
Miller, Mrs. F. A., 22 Feb 1828 - 29 May 1883, nee Gray, born in Mississippi, married to Henry Miller
Miller, Henry, 24 Mar 1822 - 8 Jun 1894, born in South Carolina
Miller, Mrs. M. E., 14 Sep 1837 - 27 Nov 1886

Miller Cemetery (2)

There is only one marker with two names on it at this cemetery. It contains the name of Jonnie Miller (01 Sep 1855 - 26 Apr 1861) and Thomas M. Miller (09 Dec 1857 - 05 May 1863). The marker was once surrounded by a picket fence and it appears that another picket fence once contained another five or six graves. To visit the cemetery go 1.2 miles north of the Navidad River on FM 530. It is on the west side of the road, .7 mile back into the woods on the left side of the old road and about 150 feet from Sandy Creek.

Missionary Baptist Cemetery

Also known as Old Oldham Cemetery

See a photograph and list of burials in the Missionary Baptist Cemetery, a designated Historic Texas Cemetery.

Moore Cemetery

There are eleven markers in this Hallettsville cemetery, the oldest being for Hattie Whorton who died 13 July 1898. From Hwy 90A, turn left on South main Street and go to Moore Street. The cemetery is just past Moore Street on the left.

See a listing of burials in the Moore Cemetery.
Surnames include Moore, Nelson, and Whorton.

Moravia Cemetery

This cemetery has been badly neglected and, while it now contains six markers, it appears to have been much larger at one time. The oldest marked grave is for little Rosa L. Close who died 14 Sep 1872, just short of her second birthday. Go north from Hallettsville on FM 957 to the crossroads at the Moravia Store. Turn right, go about .9 mile. The cemetery is on the right about fifty yards into the woods.

Moravia Ascension Cemetery

The cemetery is located next to the Catholic church at Moravia on FM 957. There are over 250 markers. The oldest is for Vincencia Gajdousek who died 12 Sep 1913.

Go to the Victoria Diocese searchable database which includes Ascension of Our Lord Catholic Cemetery at Moravia.

Moravia SPJST Cemetery


See a photo and list of burials in the Moravia SPJST Cemetery.

Mossy Grove Cemetery

The Mossy Grove cemetery is well kept and fenced. It has over 230 markers, including the earliest known marked grave in Lavaca County. Eliza An Veal's marker states that she died in 1847 at age 38.

To visit the cemetery, go out of Hallettsville on South Main Street, cross the Lavaca River and take the first road to the left. Follow this to Mossy Grove Church and turn in to the left beside the church and follow the road back to the cemetery.

See a listing of burials in the Mossy Grove Cemetery in the Lavaca County USGenWeb Archives.
Surnames include Adams, Anders, Autry, Avant, Bassham, Baucom, Baumgarten, Bowen, Brady, Brown, Chapman, Daily, Davis, Farrell, Frost, Garner, Gloor, Grandberry, Gregory, Hall, Henry, Hill, Jacobs, Johnson, Legget, Livergood, Long, Mallick, Moore, Morgan, Murphy, Nolen, Norrell, Patteson, Ponton, Price, Ralph, Reagan, Runley, Ruxley, Shaw, Spear, Spivey, Stockton, Strickling, Tanksley, Tarkington, Vick, Williams, Wilson, and Zumwalt.

Photo of Eliza Veal grave from Penny Odom. Click on the photo to see an enlarged view.

Moulton City Cemetery

The oldest marker of more than 1200 in the cemetery is for Adele Anna Lockmann who died March 8, 1881. To get to the cemetery drive to Moulton on Hwy 95. Turn on FM 532, turn right at FM 1680. Go past the catholic cemetery about 1/4 mile. The Moulton City Cemetery is on the right.

Old Moulton Cemetery

Also known as Moulton Cemetery

This cemetery contains about 350 markers and lies near where the city of Moulton was originally located. From Moulton, take FM 1680 1 mile northwest then go south on Old Moulton Cemetery Road 1 mile.

Text from the Historical Marker:

Old Moulton Cemetery

Although local oral tradition holds that there may be older interments, the earliest documented grave in this cemetery is that of Louisa Lattimer (1842-1857). Early settlers Robert H. and Eliza J. McGinty deeded some land for cemetery use. Those interred here include Lavaca County pioneers; former slaves; a large number of children; victims of 19th-century diseases and epidemics; and veterans of the Texas Revolution, the Civil War, World War I, World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. Of the hundreds of graves in the Old Moulton Cemetery, many remain unmarked. — 1991

Text from the pink granite historic marker at Isaac Hamilton's grave site:

Isaac D. Hamilton

Came to Texas from Alabama in January 1836. A member of Captain Jack Shackelford's Red Rover Company under Colonel Fannin's Command, March 18-19, 1836. Miraculously escaped from the Goliad Massacre. Erected by the State of Texas 1956

Photo of markers for Isaac D Hamilton, born ca 1804 in Green Co, Tennessee, and his wife, Mary, who died January 6, 1860 at age 39, was contributed by Charlotte C. Smith. The Hamiltons lived in Harris County.

See a list of 102 burials and photographs of markers at the Find A Grave web site.

Surnames include Allen, Balch, Beach, Breeding, Cline, Cluiss, Deal, Dockery, Durr, Fulkerson, Gieson, Gray, Guebedaux, Hamilton, Hargrove, Harris, Harvey, Hearn, Herndon, Herold, Hollyfield, Hoyer, Hull, Irwin, Jackson, Johnson, Kloss, Krenek, Latimer, Leazar, Lewis, Lomax, Manning, Mayberry, Mizell, Moore, Patterson, Price, Richter, Sherry, Splar, Thomasson, Thornton, Voitle, Walker, Weidel, Williams, Wood, Woods, York,

Moulton Negro Cemetery


See a photo and list of burials in the Moulton Negro Cemetery

Mount Olive Cemetery

Also known as the Burt or Mustang or Rocky Creek Baptist Cemetery


The oldest marker in this cemetery is for John W. Moores who died August 1, 1859. There are both white and African-Americans buried in this cemetery. The black section is up the hill toward the back fence and the markers are not as old as in the white section. It's possible that the white portion of the cemetery was once called the Burt Cemetery and the black part the Mount Olive Cemetery. There are thirty marked graves and at least twenty others that are not marked. Go south from Hallettsville on FM 318, turn left at the Mont Store, turn right at the first road, cross the bridge and the cemetery is at the first gate to the right and up on the hill.

Photos of broken markers in Mount Olive Cemetery for Francis M. Castellaw, 1 Apr 1835-16 Aug 1869, and Wm. Henry Castellaw, 10 Nov 1819-1 May 1880, (with piece of footstone for Francis M.) contributed by Pamela Nelson.

Mt. Olive Cemetery

Mount Olive

The cemetery marker by the front gate says:

Mt. Olive Cemetery

Francis G. Culpepper
came to Texas in 1851
with his wife and 16
children. Also brought
a colony
He was a Primitive Baptisit
a descendant of
Lord Culpepper of England
and an outstanding citizen
of Lavaca County
Born 21 Jan 1804
Died 21 Oct 1903

The cemetery is fenced and fairly large but it has only 49 markers. The oldest is for Rev. Orin Guthrie, who died 9 October 1854.

Go south from Hallettsville on 77A. Turn right on FM 531. Take the first road to the right and the cemetery is up this road on the left, about .3 of a mile.

See photos of the Clifton, Cockcroft, Culpepper, Helms, Tolbirt and Vick grave markers in the Mt. Olive Cemetery at the Texas Tombstone Project.

Mount Zion Cemetery


See photos and a list of burials in the Mt. Zion Cemetery.