Cemeteries of Lavaca County

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Most of the following information comes from Sammy Tise's Lavaca County Texas Cemetery Records, Volumes 1-VI. Several people have volunteered to do lookups in his cemetery surveys for you. The books are also available for purchase.

Please contact Regena if you have done a cemetery survey or have information or cemetery photos to share.

Cauthern Cemetery

Eldor Spies mentioned this cemetery along with the Cathern School in his work on Lavaca County schools. The cemetery was between 2 and 3 tenths of a mile from the intersection of County Roads 122 and 123 East. It was not mentioned in any of Sammy Tise's cemetery books and we have not located it at this time. Please contact Regena Williamson if you know anything about this cemetery.

Charlottenburg Cemetery

The sign on the gate said the Charlottenburg Cemetery Association was incorporated 28 March 1978. There are over 110 markers, the oldest one for Dorthea Pfeil, who died 28 February 1883 at age sixty-four.

Go west out of Hallettsville on 90-A to FM 340 and take a right. Stay on FM 340 to second road to left, then go west to FM 1891 and stay on FM 1891 to the first road to right, go about one mile and the cemetery is on the left.

Clark Cemetery


Coffey Cemetery


See photos, a description, and a list of graves at the Coffey Cemetery.

Coleman Cemetery

There are only six markers in this small family cemetery where the death dates on the markers are all in the 1880s. The fenced cemetery is located in the Ponton League near where a Baptist church once stood. The oldest marker is for 80-year-old W. R. Coleman who died 29 Oct 1881. To reach the cemetery drive north from Hallettsville on FM 957 for five miles. The cemetery will be on the right in the Kahanek family's pasture.

Marked Graves
Coleman, Hattie, 9 Aug 1881-4 Oct 1882, Daughter of T. B. & M. J. Colman
Coleman, Infant, 17 Oct 1886-22 Oct 1886, Son of T. B. & M. J. Colman
Coleman, Mrs. S. N., 21 Jun 1809-21 Nov 1884
Coleman, W. R., 4 Oct 1800-29 Oct 1881, born in Chester Dist., South Carolina
Ford, William, son-in-law of Wm. R. Coleman
Raaz, Thaddeus, 22 Jun 1882-17 Jul 1882

County Line Cemetery

Also known as the Shimek Cemetery!

See a list of burials, including numerous unmarked graves, and other information about the County Line Cemetery.

DeBord Cemetery


This cemetery is located in the Schindler pasture near Ezzell and contains the grave of Lucy A. DeBord, 15 May 1811 - 24 Dec 1853. Lucy was the husband of Stephen DeBord.

Dial Cemetery

See a list of burials

Fitzhenry Cemetery

There is only one marker at this site. James Calvin Fitzhenry died in 1856 and was buried on the Peck League Ranch, on Peck Creek between Brushy and Chicolete Creeks. It is supposed to be about 1.2 miles from Chicolete Creek going north on highway 77, and about 1.2 miles east of the highway where Victoria, Dewitt and Lavaca Counties meet.

Foley Cemetery

See photos, a description, and the list of graves at the Foley Cemetery.

Foster Cemetery

Apparently a cemetery for the Foster family at one time, there are only two markers and a part of a fence left. Both markers are from 1892.

Fuller Cemetery

See photos, a description and inventory of burials at Fuller Cemetery.

Gandy Cemetery

This unkempt cemetery is at the edge of woods. It is fenced with hog wire and barbed wire and contained twenty-two markers. The oldest marker is for Daniel Gandy who died March 12, 1874. From Vienna go south on FM 530 ten miles, turn right on CR 14. Go six miles and take CR 14A to the left. Go three miles to a white and green pipe gate on the right which enters a pasture. Take the left of two trails through the woods for approximately .1 miles to the cemetery. There is no entrance gate and it is badly overgrown with brush and small trees.

Geiger Cemetery


See a description, photograph and a partial listing of burials in the Geiger Cemetery.

Gephart Cemetery

See list of burials.

Good Hope Cemetery


This black cemetery is next to the Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church. The oldest of more than three hundred markers is for An Gardly who died May 15, 1888. However, many of the markers can no longer be read. To visit the cemetery go 1.7 miles east of Hallettsville on Hwy 90A and take the first dirt road to the right. Follow this road for one-half mile. The cemetery and church are on the right.